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      JiangsuDianchang Textile Co., Ltd., located in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, ismainly engaged in the production and export of medical textile products. Itsproducts are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries. Itis the main supplier of slidesheets for NHS in the United Kingdom. §Thecompany was founded in 2010, with a total investment of RMB10 million, a plant area of 3500 square meters, a total number ofemployees: more than 60, and an annual output value of more than 50 million.Main products of the company: silicon coated slidesheets for medical use, laundry bags, medical sheets, patient clothes, etc. Thecompany has excellent hardware facilities, high-quality professional designability, and advanced production and quality management system, which hascreated a strong competitive advantage in the same industry. §Adheringto the business philosophy of "seeking truth, refinement, progress andinnovation", the company is committed to providing customers with the mostsatisfactory service, the most practical technology, and the most ideal stageand the most humane environment for employees. Since its establishment, thecompany has won the unanimous praise of customers and employees with itsexcellent technology, high-quality service and honest style, laying a solidfoundation for the company's sustainable operation and expanded reproduction.


[Location and size]:

The auditee (Jiangsu Dianchang Textile Co., Ltd). The Business license number: 91320831MA1MC2GF4P and the auditee was

located at No.63 West Huancheng Road, Jinhu County, Huaian City, Jiangsu, China.

The auditee was established on 3 December 2015.

The total construction area of about 1,500 square meters.

[Structure of facility]:

Within the premises, the auditee rented partly 1F of one 4-storey building as office, workshop and warehouse. The factory did

not provide canteen, dormitory and transportation to workers.

The main products were laundry bags and slide sheets.

The productive operation includes cutting, sewing and packing.

[Employee analysis]:

There were 24 employees working in the factory.

Among them 22 were production employees, 2 non-production employees. All employees were permanent employees, no

migrant employee worked in the factory. And there was total 22 female employees.

[Summary of working hour]:

Factory used electronic attendance machine to record workers’ working time.

Attendance records from August 2021 to the audit date were provided for review. As per management and workers interview,

there was no peak season in production for the year of 2021/2022. 5 workers’ attendance records of May, June and July 2022

were sampled for review. All employees worked in one shift (07:30-11:30; 13:30-17:30; 18:30-20:30 if busy). 2 hours overtime

on some working days, 8 hours overtime arranged on Saturday regularly. No overtime on Sundays or holidays.

The maximum working time was 10 hours (8 hours regular time + 2 hours overtime) per day, 58 hours (40 hours regular time +

18 hours overtime) per week.

The maximum weekly overtime hours were 18 hours, the maximum monthly overtime hours were 76 hours.

[Summary of compensation]:

Payroll from August 2021 to July 2022 were provided for review. Wages were issued on the 25th day of each month by cash.

5 workers’ payroll records of May, June and July 2022 were sampled for review. The minimum wage paid to employees was

RMB 13.22 per hour, which was higher than the local minimum wage rate of RMB 1840 per month (equal to RMB 10.57 per

hour) since August 2021. The overtime was paid as 150% and 200% of normal rate for the overtime on weekdays and Saturday


[Summary of interview]:

Workers’ interviews were conducted by individual and in group. Randomly selected 5 employees, no complaint was raised.

[Special scene during on site observed]:

1. Based on site observation, the auditee only rented partly 1F of one 4-storey building from Jiangsu Ousheng Lighting Co.,Ltd.

The rest areas of this building were used by the landlord which were independent company with the separated business license,

management system and employees. The leasing agreements and business licenses were provided for review. There was no

relationship between the auditee and the landlord. No management staff or worker was shared.

2. No contractor or agency was used by the factory, which made the contractor license and agency labor contract not applicable.

3. No government waiver was obtained by the factory, which made the government waiver not applicable.

4. No inconsistencies was found during the audit, which made the inconsistencies was not applicable.

5. No collective bargaining agreement was available in the factory, which made the collective bargaining agreement not


6. The construction finished fire approval was obtained of the rented building was conducted by the landlord, the auditee did not

decorate or transform the buildings after rented this building.

7. Audit Company: TUV SUD, audit date: 26 August 2022, Announcement type: Announced. Auditor and APSCA Number: Lead

auditor: Matt Yang, APSCA number: CSCA 21702796.

8. The auditee only had 2 male employees, but all these 2 male employees were the management, so no male employee was


9. No chemical was found in the auditee and the construction finished inspection permit of this building could not obtain during

this audit, so no such photo was uploaded.

Site Details

Site: Jiangsu Dianchang Textile Co.,Ltd (Motion Speedy Limited)

Site amfori ID: 156-020098-001

GICS Classification Sector: Consumer Discretionary

Industry Group: Consumer Durables & Apparel

Industry: Household Durables

Sub Industry: Housewares & Specialties

amfori Process Classifications GS1 Classifications   N.A. N.A.

NACE Classification Water Stress Situation   N.A. N.A.

PA1: Social Management System

The auditee had established social compliance policy and procedures based on BSCI standards, conducted internal

assessment and management review, and conformed to BSCI requirements and relevant local law requirements in most

performance areas. However, the facility did not yet set a fully effective management system to implement the BSCI Code of

Conduct and some noncompliance was identified during the audit in some performance areas.

被审核⽅基于 BSCI 标准建⽴起了⼀套社会责任政策和程序,进⾏了内审及管理评审,在⼤部分执⾏领域符合 BSCI 要求和相关

的法规要求。但是,被审核⽅未能建⽴⼀个完全有效的 BSCI 管理体系以执⾏ BSCI ⾏为守则的要求,当前审核在⼏个执⾏领域


The factory knew well about its unit production capacity, and had calculated the delivery times and production cost. Workers’

overtime wages met legal requirements. However, the management could not tell clearly about how to calculate labour cost and

workers' monthly overtime exceeded the legal requirement.



PA 2: Workers Involvement and Protection

The long term goals to protect workers defined by the factory only included health and safety issues, but did not cover all the

areas of BSCI code of conduct such as decent working hours and etc.

⼯⼚建⽴的保护员⼯的⻓期⽬标仅包含健康安全,未覆盖到 BSCI ⾏为准则的所有⽅⾯,⽐如体⾯的⼯作时间。

PA 3: Fair Remuneration

Total 24 employees were available at the facility during the audit period, but no social insurance evidence was provided by the

facility, the facility stated that they did not provide pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work related

injury insurance and child bearing insurance for any employees according to legal requirements, the percentage was 0%. There

was no temporary, dispatched or newly joined employee during the recent 3 months, but there were 10 retirees in the factory.

Based on workers interview, the reason of workers whom did not join the social insurance was they were not willing to pay the

individual part of the social insurance. Reference law: Social Insurance Law of the Peoples Republic of China; Article 10, Article

23, Article 33, Article 44, Article 53 Remark: The factory had purchased commercial group insurance for the employees who did

not cover social insurance, the percentage of commercial group insurance cover was 100%, the valid periods were 7 July 2020

to 6 July 2025.

审核期间⼯⼚共有 24 名员⼯,但是⼯⼚⽆法提供社保证据,⼯⼚表⽰未按照法律要求提供养⽼保险、医疗保险、失业保险、

⼯伤保险及⽣育保险给任何员⼯,参保率0%。⼯⼚在最近 3 个⽉没有临时⼯,派遣⼯,或新员⼯,但是⼯⼚有 10 名退休返聘


意外险 ,团体商业险覆盖⽐例为100%,有效期为 2020 年 7 ⽉ 7 ⽇到 2025 年 7 ⽉ 6 ⽇。

PA 4: Decent Working Hours

The factory failed to ensure the workers' monthly overtime hours met the legal requirement. The facility provided workers'

attendance records from 1 August 2021 to 26 August 2022 and payroll records from August 2021 to July 2022 for review, from

which 6 workers' attendance records from May 2022 to July 2022 were sampled for review, based on which it was noted that

6 sampled workers' monthly overtime hours exceeded 36 hours in the mentioned three months, and were up to 66 hours, 62

hours and 76 hours respectively. Reference law: China Labour Law, article 41

⼯⼚未确保⼯⼈的⽉加班符合法律要求。⼯⼚提供了⼯⼈ 2021 年 8 ⽉ 1 ⽇⾄ 2022 年 8 ⽉ 26 ⽇的考勤记录以及 2021 年 8 ⽉⾄ 2022

年 7 ⽉的⼯资记录,根据从中抽取的 6 名⼯⼈ 2022 年 5 ⽉⾄ 2022 年 7 ⽉的考勤记录,发现 6 名抽样⼯⼈的⽉加班在所述⽉份均超

过 36 ⼩时,最⼤分别达 66 ⼩时,62⼩时及 76 ⼩时。

PA 5: Occupational Health and Safety

During the audit, the factory was in line with part of the regulations on occupational health and safety relevant for its activities.

But the factory was not fully in line with the BSCI standards and specifications on occupational health and safety relevant for its


审核期间⼯⼚部分符合了职业健康安全与其活动相关的规定。 但是⼯⼚未完全符合 BSCI 标准和规范关于适⽤的职业健康安全


The facility had established OHS committee, the OHS committee members did not receive the adequate training and the

interviewed person did not know their obligation and no knowledgement on the risk assessment.


Based on onsite observation, production building looked stable and safe. The auditee did not provide building structure safety

certificate for the building but provided Construction fire fighting acceptance certificate, that established in the year of 2014.

The factory did not provide building safety inspection report and inspection report on fire facilities issued by the qualified 3rd

company. Reference law: Construction Law of The People‘s Republic of China Article 61


成于 2014 年。⼯⼚没有提供第三⽅发出的建筑安全的检查报告和消防设施的检查报告。

The factory regularly maintained the equipment, but all sewing machines were not equipped with needle guards. Reference law:

General Safety and Hygiene Rules for Designing Production Equipment (GB5083-1999), Article 6.1.6


PA 6: No Precarious Employment

The facility had signed the labour contracts with all workers, but they did not paid the social insurance for any workers.










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