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Address: No.9th Beixin Road   Jinhu County Jiangsu Province China

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Image design support

Professional team to build advanced display design concept unified visual image
Training support
Training specialist to join shop member on product knowledge, product display, sales skills and other skills training, to ensure that the clerk qualified mount guard; A regional training regularly, improve terminal capacity. advertising
Hand in hand a famous film star, high altitude, the ground media publicity, etc. The national unity big media advertising support. In its franchisees radiation area, provide the roadshow, public relations activities, POP stereoscopic display, such as distributed DM single chip system support.
Activities to promote support
Assist with terminal activities regularly comprehensive promotion, active local market, ensure profitable;
Business activities, product launches, anniversary activities, large-scale promotion activities, wedding festival activities, 51, 11, New Year's day and other festivals and the regional personalized promotion plan, etc.
Logistics support
Fast logistics service system, to ensure that a nationwide logistics distribution limitation.

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